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Welcome to Readings By Ness. I provide live psychic readings, tarot readings and spirit readings by phone. Free readings of five minutes are offered to all new clients. I value my clients and know you want accurate, clear answers to your questions. I focus my psychic abilities and the tarot cards to give you guidance with love, relationships, financial situations, family issues and other personal situations you need clarity on. I work from a completely nonjudgmental point of view in all of my readings and no problem is too small or complicated.

I would consider it an honor to provide you with a psychic, tarot or spirit reading as I take my work as a higher calling, and I'm awed by the depth of it. I may not always tell you what you want to hear, however, I will be honest and sensitive in all readings.

I have an advanced tarot degree from the World Tarot Network. I am empathic, intuitive and have been offering psychic, tarot and spirit readings for over eight years. My gifts also include clairvoyance, clairsentinet, and cognizant. I also do dream work to help others understand what it is our subconscious mind is trying to have us pay attention to.

I am 1/4 Native American and follow many of the traditions handed down from my ancestors. My spirit brother is the hawk and it has given me clear sight and the ability to see what others can't. As a small child I learned that I could communicate directly with animals, understand people, their situations and motivations without having to speak to them directly. It was a number of years before I discovered that everyone around me did not have these abilities. I have located many lost animals and have helped solve problems with animals.

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